Migrants : l’autoroute du trafic

At the end of 2018, we offered you an immersion in this infra-world that is both so close and so far from ours, in which Mawda disappears every day. This webdoc, which in 2019 was awarded the prestigious Belfius prize and in 2020 the prize of the Parliament of the Wallonia-Brussels federation, is still as topical as ever.

Every night, on our motorway car parks, men, women and children are trafficked by illegal immigration networks. Most of them come from Eritrea or Sudan, but also from Iraq and Syria. Depending on the case, they are fleeing war, oppression, misery or simply pursuing the dream of a European Eldorado that has been sold to them at a high price.

Who is behind this vast traffic? How are the networks organised? How do the migrants go about getting in touch with the smugglers? How much does smuggling cost? What do the police and authorities do? To answer these questions, Paris Match Belgium carried out the investigation for three months, at ground level.

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