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Et vous, comment
allez-vous à l’époque du coronavirus ?

It is an uncertain time, all of us together that we are facing a global epidemic that is forcing us to change the way we live and think... As you turn to the media for answers to your questions, we thought it was important to ask you a question as well: How are you doing in the age of the coronavirus? You have told us, in all sincerity, since the beginning of this curious epic, how the containment situation had changed your daily life. And how this crisis, experienced on a global scale, had changed your relationship with the world, your relationship with others and also your relationship with time.

Your experiences are shared every day on La Libre's website and in the pages of your newspaper. After reading the testimonies of your fellow human beings, we urge you to take care of yourself and to sing at 8 pm while washing your hands.

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