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For 40 years, the travel house Continents Insolites has been creating tailor-made trips and world tours. In Brussels, Paris and Lyon, its travel designers propose unique itineraries, enamelled with unusual experiences and top-of-the-range accommodation, to more than 60 destinations around the world.

At a time when many players in the world of travel are calling for "made-to-measure", we have made it a principle. We do not sell online but we excel in what the internet cannot do: developing a strong human link with our travellers. Proximity, conviviality and empathy are the values we claim and that guide us in the creation of our trips, but also in the spirit of our houses.

The unusual is our signature, our trademark. We install it first and foremost in the destinations we offer you. From Kamchatka to Rwanda, through the island of Shikoku and the San Blas archipelago, we take you where few others dare to accompany you. We then create rare travel experiences with a taste of the exceptional and the scent of exclusivity: a night in a lighthouse on a remote island in Norway, an architecture lesson in Tokyo, meeting a graffiti artist in the Bronx, a dinner with a committed blogger in Havana... Our goal? To surprise and amaze our travelers.

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